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    Category > Projects

    Post Bench

    My dad tore down his fence and hauled all the posts to my house.  I used a couple of them on other projects and then came up with this idea.  This design would actually be quite simple and easy if the posts were new, but these posts were in the ground for 30 years.  It [...]

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    Cement Pot

    After seeing the prices at some of these landscape places, I decided to try to make my own planting containers.  Amy helped me by drawing up the design in CAD to get all the angles so I wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time calculating them.  I like math and all, but I wanted [...]

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    Elm Stump Seating

    Thanks to hurricane Ike, my Dad lost an elm tree in his yard. The tree was a good 18 inches in diameter, so I ask for some of the wood to make stump seating. I know I could buy stump seating from West Elm and other furniture companies, but these logs have a story. You [...]

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