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    Be Sure to Tune in!

    I have a lot of great posts in the works, so make sure to grab our RSS feed and add it to your favorite feed reader.  I have a back log of great projects that I’ll be writing about so that maybe you will be inspired to do some projects of your own.

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    A New Era in RedSkyCreative

    There is a new RedSkyCreative coming in more ways than one. I think we have something great going here and it’s time to show it!  A new site is in process and will be coming online soon. We will be making better use of social medias to make us much more visible. And we’ll be [...]

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    Florence, Rome, and Cinque Terre

    In Florence, we started our first morning there by hitting up the market place for breakfast and lunch.  The market place was very amusing, with all the different venders wanting you to try there products and Italians talking really fast and loud even after you tell them you only speak a little Italian.  We bought [...]

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    Paris and Vinice

    Musee d’Orsay was originally a train station with very high ceilings and massive ornate clocks.  Now it houses some amazing artist such as Monet, Van Gogh, and many more.  The Louvre was originally the palace of the king of France and was re purposed as a museum some time after the revolution.  Over a million [...]

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    Today we spent in Paris, France.  First we set out to find Jenny Becker a McCarty friend from way back.  She works at the US embassy here in Paris in a really nice neighborhood.  The stroll through the neighborhood was beautiful, lots of old architecture and roof gardens, and a whole lot of really tall [...]

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    Europe Trip Part One

    Today in Munch was great!!  The weather was nice and the sun was out (unlike yesterday).  We went to a really nice park and had some Wiener schnitzel.  We also spent some time at two major shopping centers and had a nice cup of coffee and relaxed.  The coffee was not that great, I’m looking [...]

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