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    Embracing Meta Data

    I love things to be organized and it’s time I finally make the effort. In 2000, I started taking digital images and created an organizational structure that I have been using ever since. I used a folder structure by camera, year, and then by event. This structure worked for me until my library reached 80,000+ images. The problem came when someone asked me for all my pictures of Austin. I realized at that point that I would have to do something if I wanted to maintain any kind of portfolio.

    After discovering tagging structures like the one used in delicious, I came to the conclusion that this was the only way to go. Folder structures are quickly becoming useless. The only way to organize large quantities of data is to use meta data. Unlike most options, meta data lives inside each file and is therefore completely platform independent.

    Adding meta data to 80,000+ files may seem impossible, but adobe bridge makes the process somewhat manageable. In bridge, you can create a set of keywords that you commonly use and then add them by checking the box next to the keyword. Here is a quick little video on how to use meta data in Bridge. (

    As I complete the project, I hope to be blogging and posting a much stronger portfolio than I’ve shown in the past. I don’t think I have a lack of quality work, but simply a lack of ways to find it.

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