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    Archive > January 2009

    Sales Pitch for Wood Fired Coffee

    If you haven’t heard of Summermoon’s Wood Fired Coffee then you are missing out!  Some great friends of mine have started up a coffee roasting business and a coffee shop here in Austin and the coffee is fantastic!  On the outskirts of Austin, they have built a coffee roaster where they hand roast the coffee [...]

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    Elm Stump Seating

    Thanks to hurricane Ike, my Dad lost an elm tree in his yard. The tree was a good 18 inches in diameter, so I ask for some of the wood to make stump seating. I know I could buy stump seating from West Elm and other furniture companies, but these logs have a story. You [...]

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    Efficient Web Design Using Web 2.0

    Well, I’ve been changing my web design approach lately and I thought I’d share.  There are a LOT of really great web 2.0 and social networking sites out on the web these days.  And if you haven’t really jumped on board, you are probably thinking the exact same thing I did before I jumped in.  [...]

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    Logo Design for

    I always wanted to try my hand at logo design, but I had always avoided it.  I’ve learned over the years that logo design is probably the most critical asset to a company.  I would put it right up there with a great business plan.  A good logo provides a memorable image of the company [...]

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    Be Sure to Tune in!

    I have a lot of great posts in the works, so make sure to grab our RSS feed and add it to your favorite feed reader.  I have a back log of great projects that I’ll be writing about so that maybe you will be inspired to do some projects of your own.

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    A New Era in RedSkyCreative

    There is a new RedSkyCreative coming in more ways than one. I think we have something great going here and it’s time to show it!  A new site is in process and will be coming online soon. We will be making better use of social medias to make us much more visible. And we’ll be [...]

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