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    Paris and Vinice


    Musee d’Orsay was originally a train station with very high ceilings and massive ornate clocks.  Now it houses some amazing artist such as Monet, Van Gogh, and many more.  The Louvre was originally the palace of the king of France and was re purposed as a museum some time after the revolution.  Over a million pieces of art are now housed there, so it takes forever to see everything.  The architecture of the building is just as fascinating as the actual artwork.

    Our last day in Paris was my favorite.  Our first stop was the Fat Tire bike tour.  The tour guide was from ATM and was very entertaining as well as informative.  We saw Napoleons tomb, the armory, the military academy (that was a site of a Nazi stand off and eventual surrender), and of course the Eiffel Tower.  We did make a pit stop in the gardens to have a lunch of Crepes and coffee.  I had some iced coffee which was a nice change from the espressos that I had been getting.  The bike tour was so relaxing and the weather turned out to be perfect.  If you go to Paris, do the bike tour!!!  After the bike tour we took a stroll to the Notre Dame.  We then found a fantastic little restaurant in the Latin Quarter that had the best Espresso I have ever had.  Even Italy has not matched that coffee yet.

    Next was a night train back to Munich so we could ride the train through the Alps on the way to Venice.  The Alps were very beautiful and scattered with little communities and the occasional castle.

    We arrived in Venice that evening and grabbed a bus boat for our hotel, which turn out to be a wonderful surprise.  It was a loft and had very comfortable beds and a really nice bathroom.  The ride to the hotel was very relaxing with the evening breeze across the water.  Despite what we were told it did not smell bad at all.  That night we headed to San Marco square were we had a great Italian meal and then we had a romantic time in the square listening to the dueling orchestras.  We all enjoyed the lights and sounds in the cool night air.  Our next day in Venice was filled with wondering the streets and shopping.  We were excited that the prices in Italy were way cheaper than anywhere else we had been.  I bought a really beautiful tie that has blue and yellow on it

    We are now in Florence and our next stop is Tuscany by car on our way to Rome.  I tell more about Florence later…

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